Tuesday, May 22, 2012

photo credits: Manger

OK, for my second delightful morsel from the ether of the blogosphere today, I need to share my new blog obsession: 
(It means "to eat" in French)
The product of Marie-France Thorisson and her photographer/art director husband, this food blog is as gorgeous as they come. 

I love a good food blog. As you may know if you have been a follower of my previous blog Une Envie de Sel, my husband is a sometime-chef, and as a family we are avid foodies. I myself rarely cook anymore since my husband cooks so well and so often. But when I come across a recipe blog as luscious, as ravishing, as full of the romance of the kitchen as this one, well...
I just can't resist!
Just look at the Persian Love Cake (lower right) covered in candied rose petals and pistachios, and the lushness of the feather-light meringue garden cake. 

Well, let's just say we're going to a garden party over the memorial day weekend. I will definitely be trying out something from Marie-France's list of recipes. 
What about you? 
Thank you to the wonderful ladies at momfilter for this discovery. You can read Marie-France's momfilter interview here.

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  1. The photography and the food looks delicious! The lady is so beautiful. Is she a model?