Tuesday, May 29, 2012

 I'm so proud to see my illustration in this wonderful room by Daan Rot of MaandagDaandag

Daan (in Holland) is so creative in every aspect of her life, and the world she creates for her children is pure magic, from their rooms to their toys, their meals and their wardrobe.

In fact, Q has several of Daan's creations (made from her exquisite hand-carved rubber stamps) in her wardrobe. One of Q's very favorites is this mustachioed moon tee that she chose to wear for her early "birthday" party (and that she sometimes also wears to bed).
 When I have a moment to browse the blogosphere, I frequently find myself lost in Daan's world, going through page after page of her dreamy blog. There is so much love, beauty and creativity (and DIYs) to be found there.
Thanks Daan! You make our world a warmer place. xoxox Maia & Q

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