Friday, May 11, 2012

 When was the last time you saw a shooting arcade at an amusement park?
We love our curious vintage amusement parks here in the Denver area, and so we were amazed and delighted to find the bizarre, rickety shooting arcade at our favorite local "adventure golf" course, Hyland Hills in Westminster.
Everything about it is ancient, threadbare and creaky, including the pirate figures and mouldy parrots that pop rustily up from behind treasure chests and faux ornamental ferns.
 Turns out, the "targets" also growl, hiss and spit water at you, rather vigorously, when you actually hit them.
 I lost my first few quarters due to the fact that I didn't remember how to site an old school arcade rifle.
 Once I learned how to hit the targets, I got spit at soundly and with frequency, until my hair and shirt were pretty well soaked.
Good times on a warm evening. 
I'd forgotten just how fun it can be!

What: Adventure Golf & Raceway at Hyland Hills
Where: 9650 North Sheridan Blvd
Westminster, CO


  1. I love seeing you crack up so much!

  2. Funny...we have a similar little park here in Portland, Oaks Park, and the kiddos enjoy wandering there on summer afternoons...