Saturday, November 24, 2012

 Thanksgiving in the Larkin household!
 I don't mind saying that my mother-in-law sets a beautiful table.
 Q and her twin cousins.
She must have been saying something funny!
 Susan and Stephanie make much of Lili, who was recently hit by a car.
 Q creating architectural structures out of playdough.
 Grandparents and their grandchildren.
 Trading drawings.
 Nala the cat took over the dog's bed.
 A feast among feasts.
 Q has a brief 5-year-old meltdown.

 The cotton candy machine...a new holiday tradition in the Larkin clan!

 Cousin Victoria, the eldest of the kiddos, takes her turn last.

 Stephanie and Q enjoy a cuddlefest.
 When dinner is over, and most of the guests gone home, it's Q's moment to blow out the candles...her favorite part of any holiday.

Q and Nala share a moment at the end of the evening.
I have an extra-special holiday gift set in the shop today, based on my watercolor illustration "The Bear Prince".
The set includes an 8.5" x 11" print of the illustration, along with two matching hand-painted softies.
Comes festively wrapped for the holidays!

Friday, November 23, 2012

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Q Bobs her Hair

(A rare view of her absolutely gorgeous forehead)
By the ripe old age of 5, most kids have had a haircut or two under their belts. 
But not Q.
During the first years of her life, Q had naturally short hair. 
It just didn't grow. For the first couple of years that she was our daughter, Q had a natural pixie cut...which I loved. She was different. She was unique. She had short hair when most girls had long locks. 
Her pixie hair seemed to suit her spirited, tomboy personality.
I trimmed her hair once  a year or so, just to keep the ragged edges out of her eyes, but she always resisted having it cut, so we never forced the issue. 

Today, however, since she is on vacation and her daddy was working, I had to take her with me while I had my own (short) hair trimmed at the local Aveda salon. My stylist is both fast and cheerful, and I think the combination struck Q's sense of fun. 

By the end of my own session, Q was ready to request a seat in the cutting chair, and, fortunately, the salon was able to comply.
Hence Q's very first salon cut, spur of the moment. 

We gave her three style options - long layers, a pixie cut like she has when she was little, or a classic bob like Mommy's old style. She chose the bob.
She sat patiently through both the cut and (more significantly) the blowout. She has always hated the blow drier which, in the past, we have only inflicted on her when she has wet hair on a particularly frosty school mornings. Usually, she screeches all the way through a blow-out, so it was interesting to see her sit through this one with...dare I say...even a smile!
I think I have my stylist to thank for this happy and un-traumatized expression on her face!
We even managed to get her bangs trimmed short enough to show a bit of her eyebrows, which no one has seen in a couple of years!
Descending from her chair, a proud, new "big girl".
And there's the big grin!
Q with her new haircut, in her new big-girl room (thanks to Ikea).
It was a proud day!
 And she has been glancing at herself in the mirror every time she passes it!
Oh, yeah!

(Thank You to my wonderful stylist Ericca at Vida Salon on Highlands Square for Q's first real haircut!)

Friday, November 16, 2012

 Well, a lot has been going on in the workshop, and though I have been doing my best to keep the shop well-stocked for the holidays, my hand-painted softies have been selling out this Red Riding Hood and the Wolf set, which shipped out this week!
 It's hard to keep Q's paws off the softies ;)
 I have been wrapping and shipping daily with holiday orders, and I'm definitely in the spirit now!
 One of the best things about my job is coming up with new things for the holidays, and the latest in the shop is this OOAK 3D version of my original illustration, "The Singer".
It's so much fun to see one of my favorite illustrations translated into three dimensions. I will be translating several more of the most popular illustrations from The Voyagers shop into 3D softies for Club Oceanus in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

 When I get up before dawn to work in the studio, Q likes to run into the sewing room first thing to check out what new softies I've made since last she looked.
 She likes to climb onto the bed and give them all a good group hugging.
 She likes to pick out which one she's like me to make for her next.
This morning I was up in the dark hours finishing up a special nap pet on request. She asked me yesterday to make her a little alien that cries. 
 She likes to have something to comfort. It's what makes her happy.
 My husband thinks I was crazy to stay up late painting, and wake up early to finish stuffing and sewing, just so she could have a little alien to take to school with her for naptime.
 And yet off she went to school this morning with her little crying alien, happy as a clam.
Not a single tear was shed at dropoff today. 
Worth it? Yep.