Tuesday, May 1, 2012

 Two new "flâneur" tee shirt designs for kids are in the shop today! This straight-cut crewneck will fit either a girl or a boy, available in 6/8Y and 10/12 Y.
Look at Q working the flâneur attitude!


  1. I've been following 'Une Envie' for a year or two and really enjoy your posts -- thank you for all of those smiles and the moments of joy that you share! Your blog change to a new format is lovely, except for the font you are using -- My brain can't process it! I have to work hard to read anything and in response I feel frustrated. I hope you don't mind this feedback. You bring such beauty and irreverent joy into the online world.

  2. Wow, great new blog...well done. Always such a pleasure to look at the inspiring posts and photos. Florence

  3. Pillarkati - I'm always happy to get feedback, and I definitely listen! So today, I'm trying out a new font for the page script. See if this is easier on the eye for you! And thanks for reading!

    1. Wow! Thank you! I find it much easier to read.

  4. I think I may have seen your t-shirt at the Denver Art Museum last weekend. We were visiting from out of town. I saw a girl at the museum wearing the FLANEUR tee while I was there, and I thought my daugther would love it (she is a Lemony Snicket fan). I came out here today to see if it was available to order online, and I see a picture of what looks like the girl I saw in the museum. Kinda crazy! I really enjoy your work!

  5. That's amazing! That would have been us! What a coincidence. My daughter could not get enough of the design room from the YSL exhibit, and we must have spent two hours in there. Thanks for visiting the blog, and for the big smile today!