Sunday, May 27, 2012

 Although Q's birthday is not until much later in the summer, we felt as if we should throw a bit of a birthday bash before the end of the schoolyear so that she could celebrate with some of the schoolfriends that she will not see when she changes schools next fall. 
This year has been such a good one for her, and her class so dear to her heart.
This meant an armful of balloons, a piñata, and a small cake we picked up at the store.
 One of the little boys looked at our small storebought cake and said, rather sadly, "Oh, you couldn't afford a big cake, hunh?"
That comment had me cracking up for at least three days. 
...That, and little auburn-haired Aysiah with her big grin and chocolate mustache! I'm going to miss Aysiah.

 Q got an orchid from her friend Oscar. Oscar is not one of her "boyfriends", but she treasures that plant nonetheless. I faithfully mist it every day for her.
 Being blindfolded by daddy.
 The piñata was quite the operation. Everyone got very into it. It was a tough one to crack, too. So there was much coaching and cheering and egging-on.
in Une Sardine a Rio and tee shirt by Daan
 Checking out the spoils with Aysiah and Finn.

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  1. I am glad she got her birthday with her old friends. It looks like she had a wonderful time!