Tuesday, May 22, 2012

 A rainy Saturday at the Museum of Contemporary art.

 The bubble room! 
This new installation was an instant hit.
 I think we need a bubble room at home!

 Next to the bubble room, the butterfly room.

 Daddy and Q working on butterflies.
 Q shows off her butterfly to her friend Buster, the homing pigeon. 
The rooftop at the MCA is one of the great joys of downtown Denver. It's beautiful even in the rain.

in club oceanus, crewcuts, naïve days, zara shoes and bag
 Xeric gardens on the roof.
 The MCA is one of the best resources for families in Denver. A glorious space, a wonderful learning environment, and there is always a new creative installation on the top floor for kids and parents to explore. That, and it tends to feel like your own little world on a quiet weekday when you can usually have the place to yourself! An annual membership is quite modest, and for me one of my best investments in mommy-and-Q time.

What: Museum of Contemporary Art Denver
Where: 1485 Delgany Street (off 15th)
Don't miss: the roof garden and the 3rd floor creative space

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