Wednesday, May 30, 2012

 Summer is a time for morning walks, when the light is pale gold,  the air still cool, and the flowers illuminated from below.
in zozobugbaby
 This aardvark...this aardvark I made by hand in the months while we were waiting to travel to China for her, when I only had a couple of pictures of her to look at, and didn't yet know who she would turn out to be. This aardvark was made from the quilt squares that those adopting from China tend to exchange, a quilt "made by a village" to welcome a child. But I'm no quilter, so I made animals instead. For the first couple of years, she was not interested in this aardvark. Just last week, she rediscovered it, and they have been fast friends ever since.

 My girl who loved basketball even as a baby, even before she could say the word "ball", and would just make a dribbling motion with her hand to indicate the word "basketball", her eyes bright with eagerness. My girl who, at two, could tell you where every hoop in the neighborhood was located. 
She has discovered other interests since, and is not so singleminded about basketball. But she will still hop on the court any time she sees a ball going begging. Even in her sparkly shoes.
 Double dribble.

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  1. She looks positively adorable in this outfit and pig tails.