Thursday, May 3, 2012

 On one of our last days in NYC this last trip, we had dinner down in the old Wall Street district with dear Nathalie and her family. Q bonded quite quickly with Nathalie's younger son. 
 They found some common ground playing with static electricity and some (unfilled) water balloons.

 Nathalie and her older son had recently returned from a humanitarian trip to India and Bhutan. Besides raising money for a local hospital, they also came back with a Tibetan singing bowl, which her son demonstrated for us after dinner.
 Q, fascinated, listening to the bowl sing.
 Naturally, after a couple of demonstrations, she had to try it for herself.
As for the water balloons, they had a greater purpose. 
The kids were waiting until everyone was done with dinner in order to retire to the rooftop patio, where they proceeded to try out the balloons filled with actual water. 
This was March in New York City, mind you. Not usually the time to spend the night playing with water balloons on the roof in shirtsleeves. But this year was different. The weather was fine, dry and warm. Perfect weather for water balloons. 

Thanks Nathalie and family for the best homemade ribs in town, along with the water-balloon-fest for the kiddos!

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