Thursday, May 10, 2012

 Every spring, as soon as the nice weather hits, we hit the roads and byways and bike paths on our cruiser bikes for our favorite activity of the warmer rides en famille!
 Colorado is beautiful. It just is. The climate is amazing, and the terrain so very varied. 
Denver is a part of the high plains, and as such, it is a rarefied atmosphere, lush and Western at the same time. I never quite get over it.
 This spring has been more glorified and rare than most, and we have definitely been making hay while the sun shines, so to speak!
 Though it feels like summer most days, it is still May, and we are still prone to rocky weather conditions. So when we get afternoons/evenings like this, we try not to take it for granted.
 We go out amid all the extravagant gorgeousness, ride until the sun begins to set (still a bit on the early side, though slowly growing later) and have long, languorous dinners as a family.
 It's a lovely way to get out of the house at the end of a hard work day, and make the most of our time as a family of three.
 Our odd, antiquated, sporadic North-Denver neighborhoods, in the right light, make one feel like one is riding through another era, a simpler time.
And then, on the homestretch, with nearly all of the last light leached from the sky, we came across this: 
Lakeside amusement park in all its Shangri-La glory. Open this early in the season only for special events, but still glorious when you happen to see it lit up like a dream from the far side of Lake Rhonda. Can't wait 'til it's open for real and for good! 

We're ready for some Lakeside action!

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  1. so beautiful !!!
    et merci pour tes petits messages sur mon blog..♥