Sunday, April 21, 2013

 Phew! I guess they all feel like busy years, but this one feels even busier. Added to that, this has been a snowy, turbulent and bitter April unlike any we've had in five years. I remember very clearly because the last snowy, blizzard-y April was the first year I had Q at home with me. What cabin fever we had! And this year has felt much the same. 
Today was one of the first warm-ish days since the last blizzard, so we took the much-needed opportunity to go for our first family cruiser ride of the season.
 We always look forward to the first bike ride as the kickoff of the new season. Unfortunately, by the time we made it out, the weather had started to turn again (yes, it's supposed to snow again tomorrow!) But it was still mild enough to ride to a local taco joint for salsa, guac and cortija tacos.
Mike "forgot" his jacket, and ended up wearing my scarf against the chill that's moving back in off the plains. I maintain that he looks rather dashing in it.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

 We spent the first half of Easter weekend exploring the amazing Colorado Railroad Museum in Golden, just 15 mins from Denver.
 I can't believe we've been in Denver this long without visiting this place. There is such a rich history of railroads in this part of the country, and this place is a goldmine if you take the time to explore!
They also have an extensive gift shop for those with train-obsessed kiddos.
 Sprawling and a bit random, there are cars from all eras of Colorado's railway history - mail cars, milk cars, dining cars, kitchen cars, cabooses, and you can walk right into most of them - climb around in them, get a feel for them.
If you have kids and live on the Front Range, this place is a must-see.

 A snowblower car, as dramatic as a Tarsem film.
 Super Chief!
 Waving to the running train, which runs a circuit around the railroad museum. It's not easy to see everything in one visit (I think we only saw about have the acreage, even though we were there for several hours!) and the circle train gives you a chance to see the entire layout, including the turntable, which is something to see!

 It bears watching where you step, but oh what a glorious heap of artifacts it is!

 This car can be rented for parties...I think this might be our next birthday venue!

In the caboose.
 After a long, sunny day at the railroad museum, we stopped by the wheatpaste party that was part of Denver's Month of Photography, featuring prints by a number of wonderful local photographers.

Where: 17155 W. 44th, Golden, CO