Thursday, September 27, 2012

photo credit: kokokoshop

Every once in a long while, I come across something that I just have to share, and today it happens to be a superb little Etsy shop out of St. Petersburg, Russia called kokoko shop.
 As much fun as it is to receive a package from Russia in the mail, Q's favorite part was the tiny bluebird pin that was included, for pining on the hat or cape. She has been feeding it (seeds) and bedding it down under tiny scraps of fabric ever since!
I also love the papier mache pins with faces (similar to the apple-face on the tag shown above).
 Mustard seems to be our favorite color this fall, and I couldn't resist the mustard cape and yellow corduroy newsboy cap. You can see the tiny bluebird pinned under her lapel!
 Q has been known to be extremely fussy about hats, especially if they itch, but this one she has worn all day every day at school since we received it.
 Playing ball with her boyfriend at school.
 This is a lightweight cape, perfect for fall weather, but the shop also features some warmer coats for winter, as well as snood scarves (we ordered one of those too!), neckerchiefs, skirts, illustrated tote bags and buttons, and the most perfect Gatsby-esque retro sailor dress for girls that I've ever seen (I'm thinking next summer we will have to...)
In cap, cape and pin by kokokoKIDS, shirt Old Navy, leggings MiniBoden, boots Muck Boot
I will definitely be ordering from kokoko again!


  1. That's great! Thank you for sharing. It seems that Q's getting taller and taller !

  2. Hi!))
    We're really glad that our package arrived in safety and that you liked it!)
    We'll be waiting with pleasure for you future orders))


  3. That is one cool child!! That mustard colour is beautiful. Must try it...Thank god Hâuie is now too old and too tall for their stuff — it saved me from yet another unjustifiable shopping spree!
    Carole x

  4. This is so beautiful and now I remember seeing this lovely shop!I am also in love with the boots!

  5. Q´s outfit is so great! love it! she is such a beautiful little lady!
    sunny greetings from germany, geisslein