Sunday, September 16, 2012

 Autumn in Colorado is always so fleeting and spectacular that, once the school year has started, it's always hard to find exactly the right day to head into the mountains for a leaf-watching day. We headed out at about 3:30 today which, given the shortening days, gave us barely enough time to fit in a Squaw Pass drive.
 In spite of the fleeting nature of Colorado's color season, and our limited time in which to enjoy it, it turned out to be a spectacular if speedy jaunt.
 We hit the colors just right, and honestly, given the catastrophic drought that we've experienced this year, I was amazed that the colors were so brilliant.
Nature is an amazing thing. 
 A spectacular view from Squaw Pass just past Mount Evans.
 A set of Colorado flags over the Mt. Evans lodge.
 Q looking sufficiently savage in her very first coonskin cap. My very first boyfriend, in first grade, sported a coonskin cap in honor of Daniel Boone, so I still have a soft spot in my heart for them. It was my first long-term relationship - we were together for three years or so!
Mike and Q in some dramatic evening light.
 They are so fond of one-another, it's always sweet to see them together.
 Me and Q on a precarious precipice. 
It was worth it for the spectacular view.
 "Not so close to the edge, Mommy!"
 Like mountain goats, overlooking our native territory.
The cabin-strewn meadows on the way back down to Denver are always an anodyne for the soul.


  1. What unbelievably stunning views! I love the one just above the flags. As for Q's hat, my brother had the same one as a 3-year-old, which he adored and called 'la queue-les loups', god knows why. I, on the other hand, being 4 years older and sharply conscious of looking different to anyone else in Sweden at that time, found it totally humiliating. Now, of course, I think it looks fantastic!
    Carole xxx

  2. What a gorgeous prospect! You are deliriously lucky in your autumn; ours generally consists of a weekend of color followed by two months of rain...mind you, I will see your aspens and raise you a vermillion-colored vinemaple...

    What a lovely day. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. Looks like Autumn is afoot in Colorado! You live in such a beautiful place! I hope to visit Denver one day :) And as usual, Q looks totally fabulous!