Sunday, September 9, 2012

A few notes from around the studio today: first, I have been working on the most delightful set of custom paperdolls for a client with a lovely daughter. This is the kind of job I just bask in! What a delightful way to pass the day.
Also, some eggs so beautiful that I had to photograph them like a work of art...from the young chickens of a dear friend. How nice it is to have freshly-laid eggs again!
 The green and turquoise eggs are especially magical.
And finally, do check out my illustrations in Issue 10 of Babiekins Magazine. As always, it's a gorgeous magazine, and so nice to see my pieces in such a lovely setting! My illustration for Gina Munsey's sweet story The Pie Pixie is on p. 58 , and my exclusive paperdolls are on pp. 95/95. I can't give you the links to the pages, so you'll just have to scroll...not that it isn't a pleasure in a publication as delightful as this!


  1. Maia so proud of you and so happy to see your work popping up everywhere!!!!

  2. Such an honor to have my writing illustrated by you, Maia! Thank you!

    1. Gina it was a pleasure! I had a lot of fun with that image!