Wednesday, September 12, 2012

 Backtracking a bit, because I had SO many beautiful photos that it was difficult to choose, I am going to begin the chronicles of our days in the Vail Valley with my mum, who has since returned to her home and New York, and hence to her next trip to Banff.
 Our drop from Vail Pass into the valley, just beginning to be touched by the first gold trickles of an early fall.
 Mum, venturing through the Arrowhead Alpine Club on the way to our first walk up the mountain.

 When my generation was small, we played Monopoly. 
I don't know this game that Q discovered in a drawer at her grandparents' condo, but it seems to run along the same lines.
 A hearty dinner of steak in shallots and Gorgonzola sauce.
 And an after-dinner walk, on which Q held the trail map and lead us like the leader she is!
 A few sunset family photos at the base of Arrowhead mountain.

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