Friday, June 29, 2012

 Today was Q's last day of camp for the week, and this day consisted of an entire afternoon of cooking classes given by a chef from the Glenmoor country club's kitchen.
So it seemed like a fitting end of the day to share a family dinner at our favorite neighborhood French restaurant, Indulge.
 We arrived to a greeting from on high...the owner's dog Lilli, perched on the roof above the restaurant's lovely patio.
 We know Lilli quite well, so after a moment or two she recognized us getting out of our car, and stood to greet us, tail furiously wagging. We have been "babysitters" in the past for Lilli, when her owners have left town to visit their families in France.
Mike and chef/proprietor William Wahl go way back to the days before we even started the adoption process for Q. They worked side by side in the kitchen at Denver's renowned Opera House Restaurant many years ago. Here they are "talking shop", as they usually do when we meet up for a meal.
 The first thing we order at Indulge is the Potage Vichyssoise, because Q adores it. 
The platter comes out with a dollop of white & black truffle creme fraiche, over which is poured the chilled soup.
 A perfect start to a meal on a hot summer's evening.
 Next, we indulge in chef Whal's superb Pate de Campagne "au poivre vert", served with cornichons, French mustard topped with chive oil, and grilled baguette.
 Q tucks into her Vichyssoise.
William, Q and Mike convening over entrees.

 While awaiting our courses, Q entertained herself by playing "cat burglar" and stealthily stealing my jewelery.
 My main course was the sea scallops served gorgeously with a sweet pea mousseline, sweet pea and black truffle salad (Q ate most of this), and Marsala essence. The baby potatoes that show up in the foreground are superbly prepared, and were immediately stolen by my daughter.
 Q sporting the jewels that she burgled from me during dinner ;)
For Q's main course, we ordered William's delicious blue crab, avocado and mango salad with sauce remoulade. We all stole a bit from her plate!
 Q and her "spoils".
 Me, Chef Wahl, and Q, looking sly.
 When Edith Piaf came on over the speakers, Q took to the floor for some interpretive dancing before dessert.
And speaking of dessert...we always like to sample the seasonal trio of Creme Brulee, this month including Bourbon vanilla bean, Chambord, and St. Germain (elderberry liqueur).
Q likes to crack the glaze. time I might order the Pears "Belle Helene" with bourbon vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce and toasted almonds. 
Or, maybe the tea-infused orange "broth" with orange rosette, and toasted pistachio dust.
Oh, my!

What: Indulge French Bistro
Where: 4140 W. 38th at Raleigh St.

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