Monday, June 18, 2012

So, it turns out I'm addicted to making tee shirt designs. 
Since I'm only able to make a small limited line of my own tees per season, I've opened a 
Café Press shop to satisfy my urge to design in between. 
 This is my first design, "Neverland". For those moments when your mind wanders to a more fanciful place. We all have them.

I'll be adding new designs to the shop from time to time - I already have a couple more in the works.
If you're not familiar with Café Press, you are able to order my design on a variety of different items, including men's shirts, women's shirts, children's items, onesies, caps, shower curtains, pillow cases (I think Neverland pillowcases will be divine!), etc.
Shown here is the women's tank top in M. 
I'll have some pictures up of Q in the children's organic tee as soon as I can convince her to take some for me ;)
 Pick your item, pick your size, and the order is shipped to you anywhere in the world.
Easy as that!
Hope you enjoy!
And if you order, don't forget to send me customer photos. I love customer photos!

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