Thursday, June 21, 2012

 I am so exhausted tonight that I think my eyes might actually be crossing. A couple of weeks of starting my workday at 5:30 am and still at work at 10:30 pm...
So tonight, when I felt compelled to put up a new blog post, I opened the first folder that my mouse found on the desktop and started editing. It turned out to be a visit to the weird and wonderful White Fence Farm that we made early this spring. 

 Our visits to the White Fence Farm never fail to delight...and boggle.
 Mike checking on his work emails while awaiting our call to the dining room.
 The home-grown fried chicken was as delectable as ever. 
Mike ordered a highball. 
I had always wondered about the "highball" on the menu, because...isn't a highball a class of drink, rather than a drink in itself?
In any case, what he received seemed to be something involving whiskey and water. Maybe some sugar. And a lot of ice.
 The giant pig was still in residence inside the barn, though it seems to me that he hasn't moved from his precise location in at least three years. Maybe someone feeds him by hand?
in MiniRodini dress, American Apparel leggings, Zara kids jacket
 White Fence has good porches. Really good porches. Extremely inviting porches. Especially useful when it's raining...and I think that it actually hasn't rained here since this picture was taken, sometime in April. Sigh.

Where: 6263 West Jewell Ave. Lakewood, CO

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