Thursday, June 14, 2012

in Zara and Loeffler Randall
 Goodness gracious, I am so far behind on photos!
This is just how behind I am. 
We took these several weeks ago, when it was still cool enough in the mornings to wear a jacket or sweater.
 Or, I should say, Q took these. 
Because really, I picked the location, and Q did all the rest - from setting up the tripod to setting the camera and timer and positioning us both for the shots.
...and yes, that is an octopus on her head.
 The location is a wonderful wall on the side of Z Cuisine, an excellent French bistro in the 'hood, which has been papered with prints of photos by a well-known local photographer, Mark Sink, and his students I believe. I don't know a lot about this project, but I know that he works largely in wetplate photography. It's just such a thing of beauty that I had to document it somehow.
 When we got there, Q was in the mood for a photo project, and she really took over the whole thing and just rocked it out. I was so proud of her.

 I love this photo of the ferns, and I think Q did too, because she got really hammy right about here.
 Of course, because I love my cameras so much, it makes me happy to see her getting into the process of photography. Especially since last year she had a phase of really resenting the lens. Now she's embracing it, which is a good thing.
A photo of her favorite sparkly shoes that she shot when we got back into the car to head to the contemporary art museum. You've gotta document the things you love. Especially when you're four and growing so fast that your favorite shoes will undoubtedly be outgrown by the end of the summer.

Where: Z Cuisine
Local and organic
Bistro (and adjoining absinthe bar)
2239 & 2245 W. 30th Ave at Wyandot Street, Denver


  1. Wow. The girl's good!

    Maxine loves the camera, too, but her strength is quantity instead of quality. I have no idea how many snapshots of the carpet, or the cat's tail, or a blurry flower I've found on the camera.

    Not sure whether your Q does better behind the lens, or in front of it.

  2. The wall is fantastic !
    And Q and you are so beautifull on this post! First photo is gorgeous!

  3. John, we have plenty of shots of the carpet, of her shoes, of her keroppi, but she is now starting to get discriminating about her photography. I love to see it evolve!
    Rock on Maxine...detail photography (like cats tails) is how we learn to look closely at the world, right?