Sunday, April 15, 2012

 My wild child. 
Yes, that is a snake around her neck. This is how she likes to bathe. 
One of the many reasons that she is our "little Mowgli".
And, silly hat days. 
There are also "ministry of silly walks" days...oh, there are many of those. 
But today was definitely a silly hat day. Probably because she has a cold, and her usual level of energy is somewhat curtailed at the moment.
Which hat do you like best?


  1. I love snakes and of course the octopus hat.

  2. We all love a good hat :-)

    Looking great, Maia!

  3. Definitely the sous-chef wok hat and whisk. Daddy's Girl..?

  4. The squid! The squid!!
    How funny, she is your little Mowgli for a different reason to Hâuie being our little Mowgli at that age — Hâuie had a pair of dark red underpants, and in the Summer, when she really tans, with her hair in a straight bob, she looked just like him!
    I must tell you a miracle that you may not yet have experienced, Q being so much younger than Hâuie: after a dim sum meal tonight, Hâuie went to the toilets. The waitress, seeing me on my own at our table, asked me if I was ok. I replied, distractedly, that I was just waiting for my daughter. Nothing special...except it suddenly hit me that being able to mention "my daughter" off-handedly is the most amazing thing on earth!
    Carole xxx