Tuesday, April 24, 2012

 A few images from Press Check day at the screenprinters. 
The weeks before Press Check day are always a bit trying. 
I have spent many of the winter months gathering ideas in my Moleskine, then weeding through through the ideas, selecting my favorites, rethinking my selection, re-selecting. 
In the weeks before placing my order for shirts, I sit down in the studio and work out my fonts. I have an inspiration board of fonts lined up, and I play with them day after day. 
When I finally have a selection of hand-drawn fonts that I like, I scan several of my images and inspect them at actual size. 
When I'm happy with my selections, I submit the order. 
Then a few weeks pass, during which I exist under a false sense of confidence. 
But then the day comes. 
I receive an email from the screen printer saying that it's time to book a date for the press check. 
And that's when I really panic. 
Generally, after the press check email, I overthink my selections to a ridiculous extent. In a fury of last-minute panic, I remake images, re-write fonts, and generally work myself up into a state. 
Finally, it's too late, and I am forced to make a final decision and book a solid date for the Press Check. 
When the morning of the Press Check arrives, I have to settle my mind, admit that I've done my best, and let go of all my doubts. 
That's when things get really fun.
 In the final reckoning, I love Press Check day. 
All doubts have been put aside, and I am finally free to see the fruits of my labour come to life. 
This is my screen printer, Rollie. He is a true artist, and I'm lucky to have him. He has tattoos of naked ladies all over his forearms, and he is a true professional. Rollie knows his stuff.
 I love my screen printers. 
As the wife of a longtime chef, I have seen the workings of many a kitchen. Most kitchens are pirate ships. My screen printer's shop is even more of a pirate ship than just about any kitchen I've known, and equally as professional.
 Above, bottom left, is one of the shop dogs. She has the same name as me. She really loves to fetch. She also loves me, or so she tells me. Who knows, maybe that's what she says to all the girls.
When I come home from Press Check, it is always a good day. I always drive home from Press Check with a smile on my face. I know that I have done well, and that my work has been executed with style and class.
My screen printers are not only an excellent pirate ship, but also an environmentally-friendly operation. They work clean. They use environmentally-friendly, water-based inks, and their operation is mindful of the environment at every stage. 
I am fortunate. 

Summer tees will be in my shop in May!

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