Thursday, April 19, 2012

 What gets my blood pumping this time of year, 
when an early spring has sent the buds bursting and the grass growing at an unexpected pace? 
The anticipation of summer dining.
 Who doesn't love a meal en plein air, with the lanterns set alight as the twilight begins to descend over the remains of a summer sunset?
 This spring, our big project is to brick over the backyard which, for the past two years, has been annexed by our two very young and very rambunctious dogs.
 Last summer, we set up a wooden picnic table, complete with shadow lanterns, for long summer evenings and dinners of watercress salad, leek soup and Mexican corn.
This summer, we hope to top that by having a back yard laid with salvaged bricks on which to enjoy our long summer evenings without the dust kicked up by the racetracks that our dogs create.
What do you dream of in the spring, as the evenings become gradually longer, and the days stretch into the languid torpor of summer? What are your project for the season? 
We'd love to know.

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