Wednesday, April 25, 2012

 After the Met, Q and daddy took a cab back down to Rivington for a much-needed nap. 
But I had other business to take care of.
Very important business, involving oodles and oodles of macarons.
 So, in the fine weather, my mum and I strolled down Madison in search of NY's version of Ladurée.

 It was worth the wait, and we spent the rest of the afternoon ambling around the periphera of the Park, trying out all our different flavors of heavenly macaron.
 When I finally returned to Rivington, this is what I found, a fast asleep Q after her long day of museum-going and park-playing.
 As tired as she gets on the high of the big city, it took her a while to wake up, even at the mention of sweets.
 But once she saw the box, you can believe she sat bolt upright in bed!

 Her favorites? Predictably, the pink ones.
I did not see that box of macarons again once she had it in her hot little paws! 
Ah well. Next time.

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  1. I want to reach over and try the purple one! If I were the envying sort I would be pea green! Hope you enjoyed!