Wednesday, February 27, 2013

 After school today, Q and I headed down to the wickedly-elegant Goldyn boutique to check out Kristen Hatgi Sink's new vitrine and show. 

What a spectacle! The pictures really speak for themselves...

Q was allowed to use the vitage typewriter gracing the front desk. Q has a bit of an obsession with typewriters.
 I really just need to take her to an antique store and get her one of her own, in good working condition.

 I love the vintage-meets-steampunk look of the displays that Kristen set up around the store. Her style meshes so well with the aesthetic at Goldyn, with its bell jars, insects under glass (I particularly love the huge scorpion amidst the jewelry displays), and random taxidermy.
Yep, still at the typewriter.
She looks like a mannequin next to a mannequin in this shot. That girl.
Afterward we met daddy at the Masterpiece Delicatessen just down the street for miso soup, gourmet grilled cheese and brisket on a baguette.
 Q doing Facilier's line, "Won't you shake a poor sinner's hand?" from The Princess and the Frog, with a suitably untrustworthy demeanor. Never make a deal with a girl like Q, she will sell your soul down the river!
Spinach salad with applewood smoked bacon and cheese toast croutons. Heaven.
LoDo as seen from LoHi ;)

Goldyn Clothing Boutique
2040 W. 30th Ave 

Masterpiece Delicatessen
1575 Central St

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