Friday, February 1, 2013

 This week, we are taking a little "health vacation" from school, due to several rampant illnesses, and the fact that we've already been sick as a family for almost six weeks of this dreadful flu season. 

Q hates to miss school - she loves it so - so in order to liven up her time away, I've been working overtime to make the days as exciting as possible for her.
 Yesterday, we booked a very special High Tea at Denver's historic Brown Palace hotel, a local institution since its opening in 1892.
 The stained glass ceilings are a highlight of the Brown Palace, as are the cast iron railings of the 18 floors of balconies. The hotel is a magnificence of Colorado red granite, Arizona sandstone and Mexican onyx.
This being Q's first experience with a real high tea, it was particularly appropriate that she got her first loose tooth yesterday morning (we are in great anticipation of the tooth fairy). She felt very much the big girl!
 Mastering the sugar tongs.
 The spread.

 Tray of delights!

 Q's verdict on the tea sandwiches.
She has such poise!
 Edible gold leaf on a lemon cake.
 The Brown's elegant powder room.
 Outside the spa doors.
Afterward, we met Daddy for 1/2 yard of beer at the Yardhouse. 
 And Q kitted herself out in her best harajuku style with layers of pink bangles and some pink hair extensions!


  1. Looks and sounds great!
    NO MORE FLU and MORE HIGH TEAS for you!


  2. I love high tea too! We are going to our local fancy hotel as soon as I am really better, to celebrate my return to health and my first half century. I can't wait to get dressed up with YY and meet some dear friends for the luxurious experience. Thanks for the trip with Q. She does handle it all so well! YY also has that amazing posture. Have almost never seen her slouch! (Except when she is done and then she slides out of her chair just like Q.) Aren't we soooo lucky?

  3. What fun! I always meant to take Hâuie to the Ritz, but never got round to it. When she was Q's age, I once presented her with a proper invitation on a special card to an elegant tea at home, for which she had to dress up, and which we had on our best china, with lots of different tiny cakes and macaroons. We loved it! Enjoy the lovely life with a child who can still miss school without accumulating lots of homework, and who still finds your company exciting!
    Carole xxx

  4. She looks precious! I love that little lace dress and you combine it with the fur vest to maximum effect. I love high tea we have ours from time to time at the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. That place in Colorado is dreamy. Q looked like such such an aristocratic young lady, you can tell she was enjoying it. Loved that later you went to the Yardhouse because the Q can hang anywhere!

  5. oh i love it! hope you are all feeling tip-top sooon!! xx