Monday, March 18, 2013

 I realize that it probably looks like we don't get out much. 
I mean, we do a lot, but it's true that we don't go far without our little girl. 
 I mean, look at her. 
So yes, we tend not to go too many places that we can't go without the Q
But in fact, there are plenty of places that one can go with a child, if one is open-minded. 
Me, having grown up as I did in artistic community that believed in exposing children to most of the same things that their parents enjoyed, I like to branch out with her. 
Our beloved Museum of Contemporary Art is a favorite of Q's, and it's also one of those places where you can take littles, even during evening events.
So I was thrilled to take her to MCA's kickoff event for Denver's Month of Photography.
 And what a beautiful March night it turned out to that we could all hang out on the rooftop garden without catching a chill.

 The show was as much fun as most shows at MCA, and we had a blast.
One of my favorite images from the photography show, curated by Denver's own Mark Sink.
 Q was beyond thrilled (just look at her face!) to have the opportunity to hang out with the "big kids" at this event.
In this shot, l-r, Flynn Q, Jesse Elliott of Ark Life, Eric Robert Dallimore of Leon, musician Laura Goldhamer, and Lindsay Giles McWilliams of Leon and Lindsay Giles McWilliams Photography.

 Q and Mommy love.


  1. Oh, I'm so glad you're back! I know you've been very busy, but I miss my regular Q-dose...
    Must remember to go to museums with a slightly reluctant, pre-teen Hâuie — she does love it once we're there, and there are so many things to do in London! Only secondary school means much less free time...How I wish you could visit — we would invite you for a combination of museum and Chinatown. One day?
    Carole xxx

  2. Carole, one day for sure! I would so love that. What fun.

  3. You and Q are just gorgeous.
    You know what ? Denver's museum of contemporary art will soon become one of my favourite ones! (I definitely must go and visit it some day)

    1. Wish we could show you around, Amélie! ;)

  4. I think just like you.

    Most people don't realise how much kids love museums... I live near Paris and I take mine everytime I can, and they love it!
    If you visit Paris with Q, you cannot miss taking her to Beaubourg (not ONLY for the view on Paris' rooftops, but also for that :). And the Musée en Herbe has interesting stuff for kids too.