Saturday, July 14, 2012

 This summer, Q has had the great good fortune to attend several weeks of camp at the Glenmoor Country Club in  south Denver. This is her asleep in the car on the way down. These long, active, outdoor summer days can be exhausting for a four-year-old, particularly one so in love with the world that she has trouble sleeping past six for sheer anticipation of what the day might hold.
 This post is from her grandma, Susan, who introduced us to the wonderful camps at Glenmoor, found Q's beloved pink golf bag for her, and just generally made all this possible.
 These are the days to remember for a lifetime...the warm, giddy, gilded days of summer, full of laughter and the clink of ice chips on a hot day, the plashing of sun-browned legs in the pool, and the camaraderie of a new sport.
Interestingly, although she has always loved to swim, and enjoys tennis well enough, golf has surfaced as Q's favorite sport this summer. She just adores it. When she wakes and asks, "What's after this naptime?" (her morning refrain) and I say "golf", she will literally jump for joy. 
 I love that she's had this opportunity, the chance to experience something new, to learn alongside peers of various ages, to try out yet another new sport.
 It has been a glorious summer for her. 
We can't thank grandma enough for this opportunity!
Competing in a game of golf trivia on her last day of the week.

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  1. That feisty little grin of hers is completely perfect. If you have never met her you'd get a pretty good idea of her character just from that look...