Thursday, July 19, 2012

 There was a cool spell between heatwaves - a spell of monsoon rains between droughts.
It was lovely.
I wish we would have another!

In L'atelier de Marie et Rose-Alice "cache-coeur" dress and homemade garland.


  1. Q has the most extraordinary eyes!
    As for a cool spell, you should come to England — I'm still wearing a long-sleeved cardigan AND a light coat! It will soon get warmer, thank goodness, as this is the most miserable summer I can remember!
    On another note, Hâuie absolutely loved her mice. Now we need to find a nice place for them to live, in her room already bursting with treasures (including 3 of your pictures, on the wall by her bed)!
    Carole xxx

    1. And P.S. I would LOVE to come to England right now! I could use some chilly. And I would also love to go out to lunch with you and Hauie, and also visit my cousins...Oh, would I love to.

  2. Carole, SO glad to hear that Hauie likes her mice!! Nice to think of them joining the treasures in her room ;) Good to hear from you! xoxo

  3. What prompted QQ to go all midsummernight'sdreamy? It's wicked cute, but was there a special occasion, or what?