Thursday, July 5, 2012

 Independence Day fell in the middle of the week this year, and - in light of the month-long heatwave - we decided to escape to the highcountry, if only for a day, to spend the holiday with Mike's parents in Vail. 
En route, with stopped to cool off the dogs once again in the Dillon reservoir, where we came across this fortuitous rainbow (two of Mike's Leica photos spliced together to give you an idea of its scope).
 The lake has many moods, but is particularly spectacular in moody weather.

 The skies, facing West. Colorado's penchant for half-sun, half-storm is one of its most breathtaking qualities.

 Looking West across the high-altitude lake toward the Tenmile Range.
 A lone fisherman on the shore.
 You may remember from another recent post that this "mermaid rock" was very recently partially submerged in the lake. That's how fast the water can evaporate on a hot summer, especially when the previous winter's snowpack has been low.

We had a lovely, long and fun-filled 4th in to follow soon.

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