Thursday, July 26, 2012

 Who else is excited for the start of the London Olympics?
In a Union Jack skirt by The Trendy Tot and two tees from my Café Press shop
Q and I most definitely are!
Can't wait for the opening ceremonies!


  1. love definitely this beautiful skirt !!!!

  2. Trendy girl!!
    Hâuie is going to a few of the Olympics events with her dad, who is already in heaven because the British did so spectacularly well in the Tour de France. I have to confess it's not really my thing, apart from gymnastics, which I'll be following on tv, and the opening ceremony, where we'll try to spot Hâuie's friend's sister who is beating on a drum along with an awful lot of other people!
    Carole xxx

  3. I love Q's skirt! It's great and just perfect for celebrating! Did you enjoy the opening ceremony? From a British perspective it was mad, crazy and just perfect but I wonder if it all translates effectively to the global scale! I loved the bit with James Bond and the Queen - how cool is the Queen for doing that! And I also loved Mr Bean and the Chariots of Fire reference. I thought that the change from rural idyll to industrial state was amazing and loved the forging of the gold rings.......but best of all I loved the cauldron - amazing piece of design, from the god of British design, Thomas Heatherwick. I went to see his exhibition at the V&A in London recently and the man is a genius!

    Enjoy all the sport - I know I will and I hope Q does too!

    Oh and congratulations from me for 4 years of your lovely family!