Wednesday, March 20, 2013

 Yep, I'm back to Moab again. 
Hard to believe that our last Moab trip was in October, and it's now nearly Easter, and I'm still editing Moab photos! it goes. Life moves far too quickly with a 5-year-old.
Moab coffee has always been the best in the West...and as many incarnations as this coffeeshop/bookshop has endured over the past decade or two, the quality of the coffee has remained surprisingly consistent. It used to be called Mondo Coffee. I think it's called Wake 'n' Bake these days, but really I have lost track.  Fortunately, consecutive owners have stayed true to the independent-coffee-shop-slash-underground-booksellers ethic over the years.
 The vintage/new bookshop section is now separate from the café, but I have to say that the vintage book selection has, if anything, improved. I bought a first edition Alice in Wonderland book for a very reasonable price in quite passable condition this last visit. I did not buy the book pictured in this photo, but now I kind of wish I had. I was trying really hard to exercise self control. I think now that my self-control might have been a bit misguided in this particular case.

 Q, our future goth, walking down the mainstreet of Moab with her "pet bat".
 The local Uranium office. Yah, it's a mineral-rich area.
 An example of a typical shop window in downtown Moab. You should see what they sell at the local drugstore!
 As we headed up the slope to the mesa overlooking Canyonlands, it became increasingly clear that this was going to be a dramatic weather day.
 And it was.
Mike showing Q the lay of the land.
 A little rest stop overlooking the incredible vistas of Canyonlands.
 Shooting and snuggling. The wind was on its way up.
Fully-clothed against the incoming weather system, just a few minutes later.
Adding layers for warmth at a very high overlook.
In Moab in the fall, it can be difficult to keep up with the swift and dramatic weather changes. Q in the van, showing her various layers of clothes-changed behind her. 

Shortly hereafter, the weather took a turn for the of Arches national park in the weather to come in the near-ish future.


  1. Sweet post and faces. How fortunate of you to find that Alice in Wonderland book!

  2. Wow, breathtaking photos. It's been a while and look how amazingly lovely and big Q has gotten! Still stylish, still unique... I love those photos with her Papa & you. So sweet!