Thursday, December 6, 2012

 A few photos from our preamble to the Christmas holidays.
 I am, it has to be admitted, a Christmas fanatic. 
I love this season, and everything that goes with it. 
I love every moment, every indulgence, every ritual.
 By that logic, I have to attempt to make it to every appearance of "real" reindeer in the Denver area. In spite of the unusually warm weather we've had this year, the reindeer are in particularly fine form. This one, with his elaborate horn formations, was a stunner.
 And this very small one was probably Santa's fuzziest reindeer.
 Naturally, I've taken the opportunity to photograph some of my most recent works in their holiday finery!
 You'd never guess, based on this shot, that my girl's favorite "season" is Hallowe'en, and that she loves to watch scary movies, to listen to ghost stories, and to be read the Grimm Bros' dark Teutonic morality tales above all as bedtime stories. She is, if nothing else, multi-faceted!
 Q and I in some of the more psychadelic areas of the "Christmas forest" at the local garden center.
 Protecting daddy from the sharpest thorns in the cactus garden.
Hijinks among the ficus trees!
 Q and Mommy in the poinsettia wonderland that is the garden center in December.
  Making s'mores over a gas fire at the tree lighting in our local township.
...and making her very own fire! 
Do you remember the moment when you were allowed to light your very own match for the first time?


  1. We loved your pictures, especially the adorable baby reindeer. Maxine wants to know "can he fly?"

    1. As one of Santa's personal flock, he can most definitely fly, Maxine! However, at his age, his landings are still a tad wobbly ;)

  2. Has she gotten over her fear of masks? A kindred spirit as my favorite holiday is Halloween. Christmas following a very close second. I love her little red dress, she is precious and that image of the two of you simply beautiful.

  3. What a stylish little girl!!! That red dress! The tights and the sparkly shoes! Just perfect! ;)