Saturday, November 24, 2012

 Thanksgiving in the Larkin household!
 I don't mind saying that my mother-in-law sets a beautiful table.
 Q and her twin cousins.
She must have been saying something funny!
 Susan and Stephanie make much of Lili, who was recently hit by a car.
 Q creating architectural structures out of playdough.
 Grandparents and their grandchildren.
 Trading drawings.
 Nala the cat took over the dog's bed.
 A feast among feasts.
 Q has a brief 5-year-old meltdown.

 The cotton candy machine...a new holiday tradition in the Larkin clan!

 Cousin Victoria, the eldest of the kiddos, takes her turn last.

 Stephanie and Q enjoy a cuddlefest.
 When dinner is over, and most of the guests gone home, it's Q's moment to blow out the candles...her favorite part of any holiday.

Q and Nala share a moment at the end of the evening.


  1. So Q has meltdowns, hasn't she? She still looks cute ;-) Thanksgiving is very foreign to European traditions, so it's sometimes difficult to understand how important it is to Americans, but your Thankgiving seemed very meaningful and joyful ! (Oh the cotton candy machine !)

  2. She looks so beautiful, like a 1920's flapper girl. Her hair is perfect, it is so much her but with an added air of sophistication.