Friday, November 2, 2012

 When I get up before dawn to work in the studio, Q likes to run into the sewing room first thing to check out what new softies I've made since last she looked.
 She likes to climb onto the bed and give them all a good group hugging.
 She likes to pick out which one she's like me to make for her next.
This morning I was up in the dark hours finishing up a special nap pet on request. She asked me yesterday to make her a little alien that cries. 
 She likes to have something to comfort. It's what makes her happy.
 My husband thinks I was crazy to stay up late painting, and wake up early to finish stuffing and sewing, just so she could have a little alien to take to school with her for naptime.
 And yet off she went to school this morning with her little crying alien, happy as a clam.
Not a single tear was shed at dropoff today. 
Worth it? Yep. 


  1. such a good mum you are, I would have done the same thing and most likely have, men are wonderful but they aen't wired like mum's , they are missing the circuit that makes we mums do the exact thing you did last night, and it was worth it wasn't it.That smile says it all.

  2. We're hardwired to roughhouse and read stories and play soccer...but hopefully we have someone who will put in long hours making cuddly stuffed friends...and then cuddle with us after little people are in bed with their stuffed friends..! Mike, you are one lucky devil, with these two in your life!

  3. They are all soooo cute - your girl, the softie toys, and that Moroccan wedding blanket!!! <3 Love!!!

  4. Moroccan wedding blanket (at a very affordable price) via My Marrakesh
    Best purchase I've made in the past five years! I love it every time I look at it.