Monday, August 20, 2012

 Q stepped up for her first day of kindergarten at her new school this morning.
 The Mountain Phoenix Community School is an excellent Waldorf-based charter school in Jefferson County. We live in Denver County, next to downtown Denver, so we had to enter the lottery in order to apply. We felt very fortunate that Q got in off the waiting list on our first try. She is also fortunate to have a couple of friends already in her class, including Bianca (seen here) who you may recognize from her birthday party last post.
 Already making friends in her first few minutes of school.
 Bianca and Q trying out some of the new outdoor-play vehicles as they wait to sign in to class.
 Very excited about her new badge and her placement in the purple moon group (the one she most wanted), even though her name was slightly misspelled on the badge. It isn't an easy name to spell!
As always, we gave her the choice of using her Chinese name or her US name, and although she chose "Flynn" for camp this summer, she went back to QiuQiu for the upcoming school year.
 Finding her cubby inside.
 Our friend Aztechan preparing Bianca for her new classroom.
 Q goes into her new school feeling strong, determined and positive.
 She is a school addict, and was eager for a new year and a new school, and VERY proud of her new badge!
Az photographs Bianca and Q "on TV" in the puppet theater before class. 
Can't wait to see how this new school environment affects our Q. She is the consummate adapter, and I have a feeling that the kinder, gentler atmosphere of the Waldorf system will do nothing but good for her very forceful, strident, driven personality. I suspect she will thrive here. Can't wait to watch the year unfold!


  1. Hope Q will have a great school year. Elsa is also attending the local Waldorf school, since the kindergarden, and all the familly is very happy with it so far.

  2. She looks more than ready - I'll bet she's already knocking kindergarten sideways.

    And great photos, mom, as always...

  3. What a happy, sanguine-looking child! I'm sure she'll have a great year, she is so ready to embrace new experiences. Hâuie is, to my bewilderment, starting secondary school in September. She is really looking forward to it, but I'm not so sure I'm ready...We're already discussing first-day outfits — must be cool (her) but nice (me). How I miss those very early years of Montessori, 8 years ago!

  4. Oh, I meant to add that like Q, Hâuie has a choice of names to use. She has always been Hâuie at home but Aurélia at school, both in English and in French. It's only in the last few months that she has allowed close schoolfriends to use her Vietnamese name, unofficially. And yet we have never, ever called her by her European name. No idea why, it just worked out that way. She seems to like the separation between our home life and her own school life.