Sunday, August 19, 2012

 Scenes from a birthday party, Q's 5th!
Milo and the dragon fly.
 Sasha swings.
 Lovely Aztechan collects food for her bevy of beauties.
 The cake! A luscious sacher torte from the local German bakery.
 Girls, all in deep contemplation. I love it.

 Isabella and her beautiful smile.

 Q, Bella and Bianca.
 A pearl ring for a girl's 5th birthday.
 The golden-haired Fitzgerald clan!
 Q and Az.

 Mike and Pat, daddies on piñata duty.
Q picked out a soccer piñata this year.
 The girls.
 I love this photo.
 Q and Bella. They had a roly-poly on a string, aka a Roly-poly tightrope.
 Three generations of Larkins.
 Our little family, with a very sleepy Q at the end of the party...
...Frank, who had been locked outside for the whole day, wanted in on the last picture of the day! Look how Q's eyes were closing as she sat in my lap. She barely made it to bed for naptime! A big, warm, satisfying day. And we finally have our cool, crystalline Colorado weather back! least for the time being!


  1. Oh my goodness, what fantastic shots of Q's 5th! I love them all! So many lovely moments captured in a second flat, but remembered for a life time. Thank you Maia, yet again, for another fun party! You and Mike are amazing!

  2. Happy Birthday, Q! It looks like you had a wonderful day.

  3. Happy birthday, beautiful Q! Looks a great party, full a joy and life. A wonderful day.

  4. It looks like she had a fun filled birthday with plenty of friends. She looked as usual GORGEOUS!