Friday, February 24, 2017

Returning "home" to the Arkansas River valley where I had the privilege of spending much of my childhood, in a pioneer era cabin with no plumbing, no electricity, just well water, wood stoves, horses, cows, coyotes and a whole lotta natural beauty in every direction. 

On this solo birthday roadtrip, I stayed in some rather different accommodations (see bottom of post for link). Salida, where I learned to swim as a kid, and where my dad paddled in kayak races back in the day, has turned into an artist's community and a mecca for mountain bikers, kayakers and outdoor enthusiasts. Still remote, it has managed to hold onto its small town Colorado personality. 

*Photos taken at the Arkansas headwaters in Leadville, CO, in Salida, CO in the Arkansas River Valley, on the Continental Divide, and at the wonderful Amigo Motor Lodge in Salida. 

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