Friday, October 28, 2016


  1. This is truly amazing! And what a light in your images!

  2. Maia,
    It's been a few years since we've been in touch, and I've really missed hearing about you and Q. I'm so happy you're posting again - amazing photos of Colorado that make me desperate to visit it one day, and such a pleasure to see the beautiful 'older' girl Q has become! Am I right in thinking she is nine? She seems so grown-up, graceful and elegant! My Hâuie is now 15, clearly taller than me, practically a fully-grown woman (which I was not expecting from a Vietnamese child), and in many ways a very different person to who she was a few years ago. But although dealing with a teenager is not always the unadultered delight the previous decade was, she also shows that she is a good, loyal, affectionate human being I'm proud to have as my daughter. I really hope you will visit London some day and we will get to meet you 'for real'! Carole xx

    1. Carole!! So great to hear from you! Much love to you and Hâuie! We've missed hearing from you! xo

  3. Your photographs are so beautiful!!