Wednesday, September 25, 2013

 The Adirondack League Club, summer '13.


  1. Wonderful lights, atmosphere and photos, dear Maia. It seems that you've had a great time there!

  2. Your trip looks like it was Big Fun.

    Interestingly, my father's family is connected to a summer camp on Fourth Lake, not far northeast from here. When we lived in Pennsylvania we occasionally spent summers there, which I remember as very quiet and deep, much unlike busy SE PA...your lovely photos reminded me strongly of those times.

  3. Hello! Hello! So happy to be back here and seeing you and Q and all the smiles. The photos are stunning Maia.
    I came back to the blog world with a photography one, I hope you come and visit sometime.
    Besos! Kenza.

    1. Lovely, Kenza! Thank you! So glad you're doing a photography blog...your photos are so poetic! xo