Saturday, October 13, 2012

I have been working on a new project for the past few weeks. 
My soft sculptures began with the little Owlie that I posted about recently, a lunch pet that turned into a nap pet in three dimensions. 
Since then, Owlie has been Q's nap pet every day at school, and has traveled home to accompany her to bed in her own room each night. 
When Q began requesting  more softies, I began to sketch...
...and once I begin to sketch, well...
So a new "softie" division of my shop was born. 
The first set I  created was a sea life set. 
Along with making wonderful nap pets, they also make lovely shelf or sofa decor. I have included an option for custom-made softies, and a discount for multiple orders, in case you want to create a collection!
 Q is pretty excited about the whole thing as well. 
Not that she's really all that interested in my shop. 
She really isn't. 
She's doing the happy dance because every time I come up with a new set, she is able to con a new custom softie out of me. So far, in addition to Owlie, she has a custom-made Sparky (after the Tim Burton film Frankenweenie which we saw last week), a custom mini-fish (in Q's favorite colors), and a bunny on the way. 

 Q has been a great sport about helping out with my shop photos, and in the process she has discovered that the octopus from my sea life set makes a lovely pillow. I have a feeling she will soon have her very own octopus nap pillow to use on her school cot. 
The softies have been a huge success with the Q, and a great deal of fun for me. My little sewing machine has been brought out of its lengthy retirement and is now being pressed into hard service in the studio!

I already have several new sets on the drawing board.


  1. This is gorgeous! You're so talented. I love them all.

  2. Your little soft toys are adorable, but as always QQ steals the whole shoot. Is there ever a moment that girl isn't utterly winsome? I mean, she's five - there have GOT to be tantrums, meltdowns, and fusses, no? Hard to belive the way she lights up the camera...

    1. Oddly enough, John, she doesn't have much in the way of tantrums or meltdowns. She is pretty much unflagging in her sunniness. This girl's happiness is a force of nature. That said, she is a master of manipulation and can pretty much get anyone to do anything for her. Nobody's perfect.

  3. "She's doing the happy dance because every time I come up with a new set, she is able to con a new custom softie out of me", haha ! That's a good thing !
    I loooove your softies, they are amazingly half way between a toy and a piece of art! I love your black lines + the patterns, and your overall style : colorful but not too sweet or girly, blah ! I need to buy one sometime soon ! The whale, the whale... OoOoh! (but I can't see it in your shop).
    Once again, lucky Q, lucky mom !

    1. Lucie, thank you! I'm so glad you like them. And I'm sorry the whale is not in the store - all but one of the sea creatures has sold. I will make more as soon as I can, right now I'm working on a circus set!

  4. These are wonderful!!!! Haven't seen you in awhile. Love the color - and someone is getting so big - and still and always beautiful! xoxo

  5. Hi Tara, nice to hear from you!! Hope you are well.And thank you for the visit!

  6. love them!!
    great work, both of you!

    Love, Daan