Thursday, June 14, 2012

 Well, what can I say? 
I am so busy with various jobs and projects this week that my photo cache is hopelessly backlogged, and my blog hopelessly neglected. 
 The flowers are in bloom, and the monarch butterflies are in every garden from Denver to Vail this week.

 The sun is shining, the bees buzzing, and the air full of the scent of blown roses.

 I myself am hard at work in the studio still, but hope to have some news to share soon!
Until then...


  1. It looks so summery there!

    I'm still wearing my insulated Carhartts - we seem to be reluctant to leave our late winter/early spring out here. Lucky you - sure wish I could slip into my frilly dress!

    Busy as you may be, it still looks like The Girl can get you out to have a little fun now and again...nice!

  2. When you have a chance to wear your frilly dress, do let us know, John! ;)