Friday, June 1, 2012

 On a recent morning spent learning to candy rose petals from our garden.
Q has officially replaced school with learning things in the kitchen. I have only to get out pans for her to rush to her room and come back crisply tied into her apron and holding her set of measuring spoons, bright-eyed and ready to go.
 Two out of five of our rose varieties are so bright in their hue that I have a hard time figuring out how to photograph them. No matter the time of day, that hot pink just blows out my camera lens. Anyone have any good tips on photographing hot pink blooms?
 Her grace always blows me away at the oddest moment - even here in the kitchen with sticky fingers and wearing a pink yardsale apron.

Painting on the frothy egg whites. 
 Some of our petals are exactly heart-shaped. Isn't nature wonderful?
 Doling out the sugar.


  1. She is a study in grace your girl.

  2. Fun. We candied rose petals for Katie's birthday cake this weekend!