Thursday, June 7, 2012

 Q loves her skateboard.
 She is still only four, for another couple of months at least, but she can kind of rock it out.
 She still needs to hold a hand when crossing the street...
 ...but she certainly has a few tricks under her helmet when on four wheels.
 She's kind of a natural. And I love that about her.

Although inevitably, as on so many other occasions, I end up carrying the board, pads and helmet while she runs off to the playground for a half hour of feeling like an actual four-year-old. 
So it goes. 
And I love it. I do. Time as mommy of a four-year-old is ticking away.

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  1. Maia you looks so lovely! Well, that is Mr.Man's favorite activity, even though he is less than stellar at it. She looks adorable in all that gear!