Monday, October 1, 2012

 Due to the unprecedented heatwave this summer, we have not made it out to our favorite picking farm until the tail end of the season. Also due to the heatwave, draught has made for a smaller than usual harvest in many areas. 
 Even so, Berry Patch Farms in Brighton reigns as one of our favorite seasonal diversions.
 Though the flower selection is a bit more limited in scope than usual, it still manages to be spectacular. 
 Particularly rich in shades of red and purple this summer. 
in MadeInMommy skirt and dress

 As a result, our seasonal bouquet was particularly color-coordinated!
 Q creating her flower arrangement. 
 Inside the barn this week, the air was redolent with the mouth-watering scent of roasting green chiles. We bought a bag of those, and a bouquet of fresh cilantro, and Mike made a crock-pot green chile pork sauce which we have all been enjoying this week. 
Q hams it up with her floral arrangement. 
I can't help it, the kid cracks me up!

certified, organic, pick-your-own and farmer's market
Berries, flowers, fruit, herbs and veggies
Where: 13785 Potomac St.; Brighton, Co. 80601
How: Hours: June-Sept: Tues-Sat: 8-6| October: Tues-Sat: 10-4 | Nov-May: Sat: 10-3
Check the website for hours and picking schedule

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