Wednesday, September 5, 2012

 Having just passed the Labor Day mile marker, and heading into the tail end of summer, this feels like a good time to remember our one-and-only baseball experience of the summer. As you can see, Q was extremely excited for our baseball family day.
 No one in this family follows baseball, and I'm sure it will endear me to no one to see that the Q is wearing a Yankees cap to a Denver game. I'm sure it will endear me even less when I admit that I frequently forget the name of "our" local baseball team. 
I just wasn't raised on team sports. 
That said, our stadium  is picturesque, and baseball is, they say, the "national passtime".
 That, and the Q is an equal-opportunity sports fan. Here she is entering the stadium with her octopus, who also loves sports.
It is possible, though, that she loves the arena playground more than she loves the actual game. 
 The playground, and the hot dog stands.
 She loves her a good old American hot dog. 
She gets that from her daddy.
 Her daddy who loves to introduce her to a proud American tradition.
Me, I love the WPA-style murals in the stadium. Mostly because my late father was one of the original WPA artists, back when he was barely 20 and working as a WPA-sponsored muralist right here in beautiful Colorado. 
 I have to admit that I am also a fan of the visuals, and this is a gorgeous visual.
 Q and daddy bonding over some peanuts and crackerjacks.
 I love to see them interact over sports...even though I have no idea what the rules of the game might be.
And really, this girl cracks me up with her enthusiasm for pretty much anything.

 Yep, there's that Yankees cap. Probably an insult to anyone else in the stadium. 
She got it last year on the mean streets of NY.
A beautiful view outside Coors Field on another gorgeous summer evening in Denver. 
Sorry, local sportsfans. I probably have not done great justice to the sport.

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  1. We wear our Yankees cap to most Marlin games. Those pictures are gorgeous!