Monday, August 27, 2012

 Our unexpected trip to Vail this past weekend turned into an absolutely spectacular mini-vacation.
Even though we had only about a day and a half to spend in the highcountry, we managed to pack so much delight into every moment that it felt like four or five.

 These shots are from a brief rest stop at Lake Dillon on the way up, where we let the dogs take a much-needed swim in the chilly high-altitude waters.
 Mike and Q skipping stones.
 Me picking daisies. My favorite flower. I love daisy season in the highcountry! Every variety of daisy makes me happy.
 The water is low this time of the summer, with the runoff from the mountain snowpack now just a memory. It has not been quite as dry in the highcountry as it has been down on the plains, but this is still a drought year, even here.
 Wildflowers abound all the way through the summer up here.
 Less than two months ago, this rock was sticking up out of the shallow waters (remember those pictures?). Now it's quite a ways up the newly-rocky shore.

...and this was just the start of our weekend! So much more beauty still to come.

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