Wednesday, August 29, 2012

 I am realizing, belatedly, that I've neglected to load the photos of Q opening her birthday presents, on the morning before her party. These are not photos that can be neglected.
 I took this shot of her beloved vintage suitcase, filled with two levels of gifts, just before she woke.
 Here she is cracking the suitcase for the first time that morning.
 ...and her reaction.
  A compass for exploring. 
 Two levels of gifts packed into the water-stained satin lining of her suitcase.
 Her reaction. Priceless!
 Opening the Dorothy/Glinda salt-and-pepper shakers that Daddy found for her.
 One of our many "friendly" statues. I couldn't resist shooting a few photos around the house while it was all festive for her party.
 Buddah-with-tophat, a watercolor of Rome that I did on location several years ago, and some cold-war-era magazine covers about communist China that we have framed on the walls. 
Little-known fact: it took me seven coats and nearly a week to achieve the lacquer-red of our kitchen walls.
 Paper pom-poms for the party.
The two potted flowers that Q chose for her birthday and her LaoLao's birthday (just days apart).

  Q waiting to wake up Daddy, and a collage I did many years ago.
 Above our livingroom bookshelves.

Waiting for her party guests to arrive...


  1. Oh my goodness — I meant to wish Q a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Hâuie and me, and of course, being on our usual Turkish island until yesterday, I missed it...Please send her our most festive (belated) greetings from a very grey London!
    While on the island, I was remembering her operation last year, and thought how lovely that she (and you!) had a worry-free summer this year. Will she have a few more years before the next interventions?
    I love the pictures of your home! Part of our living-room also had several coats of different reds, to get to a shade I felt happy with. Both tedious and fun!
    Love to you both,

  2. I love your home ! and congrats for the kitchen wall! impressive.
    love the joy in Q's eyes.

  3. Lovely little post, both for the glimpse into your home as well as QQ's delight in her birthday largesse.

  4. I love these images and I smiled when I saw the compass. Sally is obcessed with them. I hope she had the happiest of birthdays.