Monday, July 2, 2012

We were instant addicts the first time we attended a Justice League of Street Food event in Denver, so of course we couldn't wait to see what the next event had in store - this one on Saturday night at the Denver Design District.

The kids' play area at this event centered around the trench of a disused fountain and a great deal of fat sidewalk chalk scattered all over the pavement.
It was a simple idea for a playground, but a surprisingly effective one, and made for long hours of imaginative play late into the night.
The turnout was fantastic for this event, and children in abundance. Q was thrilled!
With such massive turnout, lines are a bit excessively long for food, and I'd say they could use a few more food trucks, but on the whole the events are a delight, and a great place for families to spend a summer's evening.

She is the bridge.
A new friend.
Mike's old school chum Pat showed up with his kids Isabella and Mannix...
as well as grandma and grandpa (just back from a long roadtrip), and a new furry friend who sat at the next table and distracted me all night. I have many, many pictures of this pup, but I have a feeling that my husband will be less than amused if I post them all. 
 Mannix and Izzy, and a new friend whose name escaped us.
 Q had quite the session of throwing down something that looked like a combination of martial arts moves and gang signs with this little boy. Cracking me up!
 The scene at dusk, still going strong even though almost all of the food had been eaten!
The DJ played an excellent selection of classic and alt rock that had the kids going - here Izzy, Q and Mannix rocking it out to Pretty In Pink by The Psychadelic Furs.

 We ended the night with a gourmet cupcake from the pie truck, a new tradition.
Can't wait to see what the next JLoSF event has in store!

What: The Justice League of Street Food event 
Where: The Denver Design District
595-601 S. Broadway
How: follow JLoSF on facebook to check up on new events

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  1. Great photos, as always, Maia! Keep 'em coming! Looks like a fabulous time was enjoyed by all!