Wednesday, July 11, 2012

 Lakeside: The Sequel

in The Measure



  1. Well, THAT looks like Big Fun. Girl looks especially serious about the bumper boats - I'd steer clear of her if I was out there; she looks like she's come to lay a whuppin' on everybody.

    Still, love the snap of her just sitting and smiling in the middle of the squirmy row of kiddos. Sweet!

    1. Oh, yes, John, that shot of her looking so peaceful amid the others on the Frog Hop is deceptive...she was definitely out to ram the $h!t outta any other boat on the "lake" during our bumper-boat ride,and she did! My rule was that I would drive the boat out of the mooring, then hand over the controls and let her drive a bit on the lake, and then take back the controls for the re-docking maneuver. As if! She grabbed the controls the moment they said "go!", drove it out of the dock and went to town hunting down every other boat on the lake. When the bell rang for us all to come back, she somehow drove that frickin'thing back into the dock without any help from me. I might as well have not been on that boat at all!

    2. What a hoot. That girl has the heart and stomach of a king, and a king of England, too.

  2. Un tour de Carrousel ! The childhood ...