Tuesday, February 12, 2013

 Busy, busy with client work right now, but I needed to post these shots of Q's latest haircut at Scarlet salon.
 Such a stunning cut, thanks to Carrie. Asian hair is very difficult to cut, and even harder when the Asian is five-and-a-half.
 Carrie did a stellar job this time around.

Learning to use her new digital guitar with daddy. 
 And rockin' it out. She was working on playing "We Got The Beat" by The Go-Go's, currently her favorite song.

Beefing up on sushi and miso soup at our local Japanese joint after a long, hard flu season. Time for us all to be healthy again for a while!


  1. Oh, I'm so glad to see you again — I miss my daily dose of Q! Yes, Asian hair is not easy, because it's so straight that imperfections really show. We always used to go to Japanese hairdressers here. Hope you all feel strong and healthy for a long while now. Judging by your outfits, the weather must be less grim than the humid cold we have in London!
    Carole xx

  2. beautiful cut, suits her so well, hope that miso soup chases the flu germs away!

  3. Adorable, perfect haircut for Q

  4. a nice new blog! and Q has grown so much taller, love her new hair cut :)